Dropship Lifestyle Update #1

DSL for non-US citizens is frankly, a bit of a pain. That said, it’s not at all impossible. You just have to jump through a couple of more hoops to get things done. There are plenty of students outside of the US who run successful stores, selling stuff to the US market.

I believe I signed up for Dropship Lifestyle in 2014. I came across JohnnyFD’s videos by chance one day and got to know about Anton and the course. A couple of weeks later, I signed up. And for the next few months, I did nothing. 2015 rolled around and I lost my apartment. I left my job without a plan. I didn’t have much savings and I got deeper in debt. Basically, I fucked up.

2016 was pretty good though. I got a great job and began to dig myself out of this financial rut I’d found myself in and even started saving. In November, I decided to get serious about Dropship Lifestyle and started taking action.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I took a long time to decide on a niche. A disgustingly long time. In hindsight, I really needn’t have spent so much time on it. Also, a full-time job and a 3-year-old boy leaves you very tired at the end of the day and with very little time to work on your business.

I signed up for private coaching. My calls with Earnest Epps and Michael Coglan were super helpful and their feedback and advice were invaluable.

Next action

This week is all about making supplier calls and getting approved.

I’ve quit my job and I’ve got 2 weeks left. My savings will tide me over for a while but I’ll be making money on DSL before I’m broke! I’m super excited coz I’m finally taking back control of my life and I’ll have the time to work full-time on my store.