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We went to the Singapore Zoo

I took my son on a trip to the Singapore Zoo last weekend. It had a dino exhibit going on this month and the little guy loves dinosaurs so it seemed like the perfect time to go. Admittedly, it was a little weird to see animatronics in an actual zoo but hey, the kids seemed to love it.

I’d taken note of the feeding times and carefully planned the route we were gonna take but we came face to face with a huge snaking queue every time. I’d come across some blogs where it looked like we could feed kangaroos but we found no such arrangement when I got there. That was a huge disappointment. We only saw some lazy kangaroos in the far distance.

In contrast, when the wife and I visited the Australia Zoo a couple of years ago (before Varun was born), we had kangaroos cosying up to us and eating out of our hands. I’d expected a similar experience but no dice.

I also felt a little sad for the chimpanzees. They looked really bored. Frankly, those guys are too smart to be in a zoo. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be kept in an enclosure with humans, gawking at them and taking pictures from behind a fence.

The giraffes, zebras and turtles looked perfectly content, though. I think the zoo situation really works for them. I don’t recall seeing dolphins but I think there’s a separate attraction where you can go and watch them do tricks. I’m not going there anytime soon.

The visit was a resounding success. Varun didn’t have a meltdown and he was perfectly sweet. He did put up a struggle when I pried him away from the water park but then, anybody would.

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